Emergencies Come Unannounced

Emergencies Come Unannounced


Emergencies seldom come with an announcement, as a result, they can cause stress and anxiety because of the need for urgent money. mPokket emergency loan app transfers the approved amount directly to your bank account and allows you the freedom to use the short-term loan online wherever you want, anytime.

You can withdraw the funds directly from your account, regardless of your location. As the entire process is online, it saves you a lot of time and effort that would otherwise go into applying and receiving a loan. The process of online cash loan is streamlined and after the loan is approved, within hours, the cash amount is deposited into your account. Nor do you require to give any collateral for the short-term urgent cash loan.

Why mPokket is the Best Emergency Loan App? :

The process of applying for an emergency loan in India via mPokket is quick and at your fingertips.

After approval of the cash amount, it gets deposited to your bank account immediately. You can access it from anywhere.

When you need an urgent online loan, mPokket helps you avail an amount ranging from ₹500 to ₹30,000 that can be repaid within days to 4 months with transparent interest rates.

When do people Need mPokket Urgent Loans?

mPokket mini cash loans are designed for emergencies. Here are the situations where people usually apply for urgent cash loans.

Medical bills

When high medical bills occur due to an accident, unexpected injury or sudden illness and you have to spend money on high costing medicines, treatments and surgeries, chances are your pocket would feel lighter. When the amount rises over your budget and becomes unmanageable, an emergency loan proves to be a great help.

Home and auto repairs

Maintaining a home can become expensive when faced with uncertain damages like pipe leakages, roof damage and furniture replacement. Even auto damages are cost-intensive when they involve the replacement of sensors, convertors, spark plugs and more. mPokket emergency loans can help you solve such unplanned costs.

Other expenses

There are times of unexpected urgent need of cash while you are on a travel trip and overdoing your planned costs or a family member is getting married and you require an emergency loan.

mPokket gives you small cash loans, urgent loans and online cash loans when you require money, to overcome challenging situations.

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