mPokket, one of the best loan apps for college students in India, offers college students a maximum loan limit of Rs 20,000.

We provide instant loan for college students who furnish proof of their college enrollment along with their KYC documents. If you're a young professional, you will have to submit your salary slips for the last 3 months along with your KYC documents.

mPokket, one of the best college loan app offerings in India, provides instant loan for college students who furnish proof of admission - marksheet, college ID, letter of admission, etc. along with their KYC documents to get approved.


If you're registered as a full-time employed profile with us, you're monthly salary should not be less than Rs.9,000. We do not provide personal loan without salary slip. We also do not provide personal loans for self employed with no proof of income.

Only if you're registered as a full-time employed profile with us, you cannot get a personal loan without salary slip. You will have to share the salary slips of the last 3 months. If you're a college-goer, you can get an instant loan on Aadhar Card without salary.

Depends. If you're a college student, you can avail no income proof loans. If you're a young professional, you will not get an instant personal loan without income proof. You will have to provide your bank statement & other income proof documents.


mPokket is a DIPP registered startup and has a NBFC license from the Reserve Bank of India. Other than the Founder, shareholders include private equity investors and high net worth individuals

Under the activity section in the mPokket app, you will be able to check the status of all your open loans.

Approval of an account is a one-time activity. Once your profile is approved, subject to your loan limit, money will always be disbursed from the mPokket app end instantly.

Make sure that you have accepted the terms & conditions without which the money will not be transferred. Also, while the mPokket app always transfers the money instantly, sometimes there are delays at the bank server level. Write to us at [email protected] for any further queries.

Once approved, the mPokket app transfers the loan amount instantly. However, sometimes the bank servers malfunction & there is a delay in the amount reflecting in the borrower's account. For any issues, you can always write to us at [email protected]

The mPokket app always transfers money instantaneously to any bank account of your choice. Unfortunately, sometimes the bank servers act up & delays the process. Also, if the borrower does not accept the terms & conditions, the status of the loan on the app will reflect as offered but the money will not be transferred. If you still have queries, mail to [email protected]

The mPokket loan bank transfer is also instantaneous.

The mPokket loan transfer is instant in the case of the PayTM wallet.

Yes, mPokket app is absolutely legal, safe to use and the best loan app in India

Yes, mPokket is registered with RBI

Loan Approval

It is not possible for you to get instant loan without documents from mPokket. You will not get a personal loan without documents since we cannot approve your account and you will not be able to borrow money from us.

Simply register with your profile & upload the documents that are clearly mentioned on the app. Once your documents are verified, you will get a personal loan instant approval & the money will be credited directly into your bank or Paytm account.

Loan Eligibility

For college-goers, the maximum loan amount is Rs 20,000. For young professionals, the maximum personal loan amount is Rs 30,000.

This is dependent upon the profile or profession that you have selected on the app. A college student can avail an instant personal loan up to Rs 20,000 while a young professional can borrow an instant loan up to Rs 30,000.

Loan Repayment

Our personal loan repayment period can extend up to 60 days. Simply log on to the mPokket app, go to the activity section & check on open loans. There, choose the mode of repayment to pay.

It is always good to operate on an early loan repayment schedule. It will positively reflect upon your loan limit with mPokket & you will be able to borrow more next time. Furthermore, you will also be able to earn mCoins which will help with your personal loan repayment.

No, the loan repayment is not taxable.

If the personal loan payment does not happen on time, we consider it as an overdue. As such some penalty charges are levied.

There are 3 modes of loan repayment - Paytm, Debit Card & UPI.

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