7 personality development tips for college students

  • July 31, 2021

Over the course of our lives, we come across hundreds, if not thousands of people. We may not remember all of them but those we do are usually the ones who had memorable personalities.

But what is it about one's personality that causes it to be such an influential factor in how others perceive them? Is it the way they look, the way they speak, or even the way they listen?

Rather, it’s the combination of all these traits into an 'X' factor that leads to an impressive personality.  As a student, here are some universal personality development tips that could set you on the road to popularity:

Get to know yourself

Before you can improve on something, you need to know all about it first - that's a universal truth that no one can deny. This is why it's imperative that you know yourself inside out before you go about whipping up the coolest personality on the block!

Take your time, list down all your traits - good and bad, as well as your every little quirk, and see what needs to be worked on. Until you're face-to-face with your flaws, you won't know what they are.

Look, listen and learn

One of the first steps towards nurturing an affable personality is not doing anything at all — except listening, that is.

It may not seem like much but test yourself the next time you're in conversation with a friend. See how much you actually let the other person speak before you butt in with a response. 

Practise controlling your urge to respond. Listen more intently instead of just waiting for the other person to finish talking. Make eye contact and don't get distracted by things happening around you.

Not only will you get more information out of people this way, but they'll like you even more for it!

Confidence is King

Whether it be the superheroes we idolised as children or the Sundar Pichais and the PV Sindhus we look up to as adults, one characteristic shared by all of them is confidence.

Confidence is reassuring, not just for you but for others as well. It not only allows you to approach everything with conviction but also gives hope to those around you.

In order to improve your confidence, believe in yourself first, then work on tackling your insecurities and weaknesses - anything that you see dragging yourself down. Set goals and work towards them, while tuning out negative thoughts and perceptions along the way.

Body Language - A dialect of its own

While we focus a lot on what we say, we rarely pay attention to body language. Skilled interviewers and detectives know this, but a person's body language reveals more than words ever could.

You might think you're saying the right thing but it's not of much use if your body language projects a different meaning altogether. If you slouch instead of sitting upright, or drag your feet instead of walking, it sends out a clear message about your true feelings.

If you think about the people whose personalities you find engaging, they’re usually very taut in their mannerisms. Whether it's the way they get into a car or the way their eyes liven up when they turn to talk to you, there's always a feeling of liveliness and engagement in their actions.

Read, go out, explore

Don’t develop a one-track mind that rarely veers off the beaten path. If you don’t read up on what’s happening, explore new places and meet new people, you'll hardly make for the most riveting person to strike up a conversation with.

The more all-rounded you are in your knowledge and interests, the more jokes you'll "get" and the more discussions you can jump in.

More empathy, less sympathy

How someone treats us when we're down is one of the best yardsticks to size up someone's personality. Showing empathy — putting yourself in someone else's situation — is the only way we can truly understand another person's predicament.

We all hit a bad patch once in a while. However, while sympathy is appreciated, we tend to fondly remember those who empathised with us and went out of their way to treat our problems as their own.

“I am what I am”

Finally, as we approach the end of this blog on personality development, it's a fitting time to remind yourself that no matter what you do to enhance your personality, stay true to who you are.

Remember that regardless of what you do to change yourself, you'll never please everyone. So don't aim to become a different person altogether, as then you'll be nothing more than an actor who works 24/7 at portraying a character that you're not.

We hope these tips to improve personality will pay off for you. As a student or young professional, you’re just stepping out into the real world, and the occasional cash crunch could pose a problem every now and then. While a glowing personality will no doubt help you along your journey, it won’t provide quick credit when you need it.

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