4 ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2021

  • July 6, 2021
Who doesn't love chocolate? Dark and sinful, few will admit to not having a weak spot for the divine delicacy.

If you feel something so divine deserves its own special day of recognition, then you would be right, for 7th July is World Chocolate Day 2021.

It's celebrated every year to boost and encourage the consumption and popularity of chocolates. While its origin story isn't set in stone, the occasion is popularly thought to have begun with the introduction of chocolate in Europe in 1550. Prior to that, chocolate was mainly known to Central and South America natives, Mexico in particular.

Aside from its taste, chocolate is also one of the more versatile foods available and has a surprisingly high number of benefits. Before we get to the ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2021, let's take this opportunity to learn a bit more about chocolate:

- Chocolate's melting is point is between 86-90 degree Fahrenheit, lower than our usual body temperature range of 97-99 degrees. That's why it melts in our hand!

- While the cacao bean from which chocolate is made originated in the Amazon region of Brazil, 30 per cent of the world's cacao grows in Africa's Ivory Coast.

- The early Aztec people of Mexico brewed cacao to produce a hot and bitter beverage that they would using during ceremonies, and even used it as currency.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

- Chocolate's antioxidant properties help protect against heart disease. This is especially the case with dark chocolate with high cacao percentage.

- Aside from boosting your mood, chocolate can cut down on stress and sharpen your memory.

Now, here are some of the best ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2021:

Gift chocolates: We begin with the easiest, most basic way to celebrate the sweetness of World Chocolate Day 2021. Sharing is caring, as they say, and nothing beats the care factor of gifting someone you love a snazzy basket of chocolates!

There's an endless list of chocolatey creations so you should have something for everyone in your life. Chocolate cupcakes for your dear mother, strawberries dipped in chocolate for the special someone in your life, and a round of chocolate mousse for your best pals. There's even high-cacao dark chocolate for those in your life for whom too much sugar is literally a sin.

Whatever you go with, you can't go wrong with the gift of chocolate.

Visit a chocolate spa: Did you know that chocolates are chock-full of antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin? That's right. They raise the body's collagen and elastin levels, which helps reduce ageing effects. Also, theobromine present in chocolate helps cut down on cellulite. At a chocolate spa, you can reap these benefits.

Cook up a chocolatey storm at home: While we admit there is no end to the sheer range and variety of chocolate on any self-respecting supermarket shelf, there's nothing quite like whipping up some of your own.

You can easily pick up recipes online and even study tutorials on Youtube. Or you could pick up a chocolate-making kit that includes any special tools you may need.

A choco-themed party: You can throw a chocolate-themed party where you send out invitations on chocolate bars, decorate the room with props and trinkets inspired by chocolates and other treats. The menu could be filled with a variety of chocolate dishes only. Perhaps even serve up some tasty treats you whipped up yourself.

You must ensure COVID-19 protocols are strictly followed when it comes to the activities that involve going out or meeting other people. At the end of the day, if you love chocolate, you can celebrate it any way you wish. Even if it means simply buying a bar of your favorite chocolate and eating it by yourself while watching your favorite show.

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