Top 5 budget trips in India for students

  • June 30, 2021

Near the tail end of your student life is when you start to experience the first real taste of being a grown-up. You're on the verge of wrapping up your education and dipping your toes into the river of adulthood. While that of course brings with it a boat full of responsibilities, it also includes in its wake a new sense of independence!

You're finally free to let loose and travel the way you want to. The euphoria of setting off on a road trip with friends, meeting new faces along the way, experiencing local cuisines and exploring far-flung corners that you'd mostly read about in magazines is now possible.

While your desire to travel may well be unlimited, your funds might not be. Especially those who have student loans or other student finances to pay off. That’s why we’ve put together this list of cheap travel destinations in India. These budget trips will let you travel cheap while sampling the top travel destinations. 


Darjeeling needs no introduction. It's a must-visit, not just for the tea, but to sight-see! A perfect travel destination even for those not on a budget, there's a lot to do and see here. 

You can ride your way up to the Ghum Railway Station on board the Himalayan Railways and enjoy a breathtaking view of the legendary Mount Kanchenjunga. As you're taking in the sights, you can also partake in a meal of excellent northeastern local cuisine, which is quite similar to the desi variant of Chinese food that you're used to.

The average cost for the trip would run you around Rs 1100-1500 per day and the best times to visit include March-May and October-November. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport.


Certainly, when one thinks of a party in India, Goa is one of the first things that comes to mind. The state has earned a reputation for being a 24-hour, 365-day carnival where people from all around the country, as well as the world, can let their hair down and have a ball.

From the pristine beaches such as Calangute Beach and Vagator Beach to the historic forts and buildings such as Chapora Fort and Basilica of Bom Jesus, there’s more than enough to explore. Then let yourself go and take in the sublime nightlife and delectable local fare. Goa has something for everyone.

It has something for every budget as well, and you can get by with spending as little as Rs 700 per day and still have a good time. The nearest railway station is Madgaon Station and the nearest airport is Dabolim Airport.


Yet another destination friendly on your wallet is Rajasthan's Golden City, Jaisalmer. Known for its imposing forts and princely mansions, Jaisalmer offers an almost tangible sense of time-traveling back to India's past. Aside from the magnificent structures such as Gadi Sagar, there's the Heritage Museum where one can peruse relics from the past such as artefects and manuscripts. Last but not least is the delectable Rajasthani cuisine. It truly offers a well-rounded experience.

The cost of lodging and food will set you back around Rs 1000-1500 per day and the best time to visit is between November-March. The nearest railway station and airport are Jaisalmer Railway Junction and Jaisalmer Airport respectively.


Whether you're traveling by your lonesome or as part of a merry group of friends, you can't go wrong with Kodaikanal when it comes to making beautiful memories on a budget. Verdant greenery and sparking lakes, along with wispy clouds and the occasional mist enrobing the hilly landscape make it a truly mesmerizing and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Plan your visit between October-March and while you're there, ensure you visit the beautiful Kodaikanal Lake and the Silver Cascade Falls. A day's stay will set you back around Rs 1500-2000 a day, which is why we recommend traveling with friends and enjoy group discount benefits.

Mcleod Ganj 

Given that most of India does not experience snowfall at any point of the year, an escape to snow-capped mountains sounds enchanting, especially for the young and curious. That's what you get at a hill station named Mcleod Ganj in Himachal.

It offers you a genuine sampling of Tibetan culture against a backdrop of majestic vistas. If you're feelign adventurous, try the famous Triund Trek when you're there and get up close and personal with the Dhauladhar ranges. Afterwards, you can stop by to sample the nightlife at the local establishments.

A day's stay will come for around Rs 700-1500 and the best time to visit is October-February. The nearest railway station and airport are Kangra Mandir Railway Station and Kangra Airport respectively.

Despite these destinations offering plenty of options to travellers on a budget, cash crunches can still come in the way for some. If you are considering pocketing a handout from a close friend or loved one to fund your getaway, try an instant loan from mPokket instead!

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