What is mPokket

Benefits of mPokket

We wanted to build an easy system for Indian college students and young salaried professionals to avail loans.

The result turned out to be the best instant loan app in India – mPokket.

Instant loans for College Students and Young Salaried Professionals

How it works

We offer several benefits when it comes to instant online personal loan for students and young salaried professionals in India.

1. You may log in to your Play Store account and download the mPokket app on your android device

2. You can directly search for “mPokket” in the search bar or simply type in the complete app name, “Instant loan for college students – mPokket”

3. The next step is to download the app successfully

4. Ensure your device has enough memory to download the application

1. The following documents can be used as identity/address proof ● Passport ● Voter’s Identity Card ● Driving License ● Aadhaar

2. PAN Card or Form 16

3. For instant student loan (additional requirement) ● College ID Proof

4. For instant salary loan (additional requirement) ● Salary Slip ● Bank Statement

1. We can sanction the student loan or salaried loan up to INR 20,000

2. You can choose the duration of your loan repayment for up to 3 months

3. You will have a choice of receiving the money in your bank or PayTM account

4. We will transfer the loan amount to you instantly

How mPokket helps if you are a student

  • For instance, let’s say you’re short of pocket money and you want to travel to your hometown or buy some books for your education. You have only two options -
    1.Borrow from your friends. But you may not want to ask your friends for a favor as this could result in untimely demand for repayment.
    2. Go through the tedious process of applying for a personal loan from a bank, for which you will most likely not be eligible.
  • The practical approach is to reach out to your favorite app, mPokket – Instant loan for college students, which can help you with an instant student loan to get the money you want.
  • At mPokket, we give you the facility to pick the duration of repayment. You may take up to 3 months to repay your student loan.
  • The successful repayment of your instant student loan gives you a good CIBIL score, which will help you be eligible for larger loans and also improve your employment prospects.

How mPokket helps if you are a salaried employee

  • If you’re working full time, you might need some extra money in addition to your salary in an emergency
  • You may have household expenses or medical emergencies – You will need some extra cash to meet these needs.
  • Applying for a personal loan from a bank or financial institution might be a tedious and time-consuming affair. This may require visits to a branch and producing hard copies of your documents.
  • We at mPokket will help you in such critical circumstances by offering you an instant personal loan with a fully online paperless process.
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