mPokket Scholarship

mPokket Scholarship


The mPokket scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to obtain financial aid for their education. This scholarship can be useful if you are attempting to pay for your tuition, books, or other educational-related expenses. Do not miss this opportunity to invest in your future; submit your scholarship application as soon as possible.

Who can Apply?

Students pursuing higher education can opt for scholarships.

mPokket Scholarship

How to apply?

  1. Open your mPokket application
  2. Click on side menu
  3. Click on scholarship option

To get your application approved, upload academic, family income, and a faculty letter of recommendation on college letterhead with the signature and institution’s stamp.

Receive your scholarship post your application acceptance.

mPokket Scholarship

News Article

mPokket to provide scholarships to 5000 more college students across India

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