How to boost your productivity and be more efficient

  • September 8, 2021

When it comes to the pace of life these days, the accelerator knows just one direction – forward. Whether it be in our professional lives or personal, there’s more impetus on not just doing things right but getting them done in a jiffy.

As such, one characteristic that has consequently gone up in importance is productivity. ‘Efficient work’ is fast becoming the mantra in vogue instead of ‘hard work’.

In order to raise efficiency in the large number of tasks that dot our daily schedule, we have to increase our productivity. Towards that end, here are some pointers which could help you out:

What’s hampering your productivity?

First, ask yourself what is it that’s keeping you from being more productive. At the end of the day, jot down everything you did and how long it took. Highlight those tasks that you feel could’ve been done quicker so that you can then analyze the process behind them and pick out areas of improvement.

Too many distractions?

Aside from figuring out where you’re losing time on each task of the day, make sure you also account for factors that could be classified as possible distractions. For example, socializing is healthy from time to time, but did you spend too much time catching up with a friend on a phone call? Or, perhaps you ended up watching one episode too many of your favorite show during your lunch break?

Little things like these add up, and you’ll often find that there are many external causes like these which eat away at your productivity.

Setting goals that are achievable

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach for the skies when it comes to your ambitions. However, we also have to remember that there are, after all, only 24 hours in a day. As such, it’s important to ensure our health isn’t affected by sleep deprivation from staying up late to finish tasks, or eating at odd hours. Such habits can prove detrimental in the long run.

With that in mind, it’s important to set plausible goals - ones that you’re capable of executing successfully. If you keep setting goals that are nearly impossible to achieve without damaging yourself in some way, or those that have a very high chance of failure and carry a tremendous amount of risk, your productivity is likely to take a severe beating along the way.

Too many eggs in the basket?

While the latest central processing units from Intel or AMD with multiple CPU cores might be able to multitask effortlessly, downloading your files while playing your favorite tunes as you work away on your Excel spreadsheet, we humans aren’t quite as adept at juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. To compensate, we take up one task after another. 

Too much of this could end up affecting your productivity, as unpredictable hitches encountered during each of those tasks will eventually slow down your overall output. Instead, you could’ve focused on doing a better job on fewer tasks.

A break can do wonders

It’s good to be “in the zone” – that state of mind where we are at one with the task in hand, executing it seamlessly, almost as if on autopilot. However, sometimes, that rush makes us forget to take breaks even for basic bodily functions, such as drinking water, going to the restroom, or simply getting up and walking around.

Remember; breaks are an important part of any routine. Like a pressure cooker valve, they help you release some of the pent-up stress and charge you up for another round of tasks. Just make sure the breaks don’t end up being long enough to become a distraction!

Your surroundings reflect your mind

When you’re surrounded by clutter, be it at your home or workplace, it affects how you go about your tasks. If your belongings aren’t neatly arranged and in the right place, you end up having to frequently waste time to scour for important items in that mess, hampering your productivity.

Also, the aggravation caused by this affects your state of mind. Think about it; you’re already engrossed in finishing a task, and the situation gets further compounded by wasting more time in doing mundane things that could’ve been avoided with better organization. This applies to everything from your immediate desk to your room. So, it’s worth it if you try to come up with ideas to improve your workspace at home.

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